Starting as a sketch on paper the Vertex Jacket began to take form.


Working with our devs & testers the Vertex Jacket got its tech.


Tried, tested and refined the Vertex Jacket is ready for anything.


Vertex Tech



HYDROSHIELD is a completely weather resistant membrane that provides extremely reliable protection against rain, snow and wind while still remaining breathable. It is 100% waterproof so that no moisture is able to penetrate the garment in harsh winter elements. It is 100% windproof to protect the body against chilling. Uniquely, HYDROSHIELD remains breathable by channelling perspiration out as water vapour through its microscopic fibres, which allows the skin to breathe.


Wind cannot pass through small membrane microfibres.


Rain and snow droplets are too large to pass through small membrane microfibres stopping any moisture penetrating the garment.


By allowing miniscule molecules of water vapour (sweat) to pass through the membrane microfibres.


MICROFUSE Polyester fabrics and fibres are extremely strong and highly durable. Our garments withstand harsh climates, resist abrasions and retain shape. These unique features make our MICROFUSE polyester fabric the supreme choice for high stress outdoor use. Its strong hydrophobic (water resistant) nature means it is ideal in wet and damp environments. We coat our MICROFUSE fabric with a DU PONT® Teflon treatment which further intensifies its water resistant tendencies.

  • Extremely strong and highly durable
  • Withstands harsh climates and is able to retain shape
  • DU PONT® Teflon treatment coating resists moisture absorbency and repels water from surface
  • Quiet and soft exterior
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Quick drying
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Ideal choice for high performance outdoor use

Spika has designed our camouflage products with Realtree Xtra® as it’s one of the most versatile patterns worldwide. Known for its effectiveness in almost any environment with its lifelike pattern showing impressive depth and use of realistic elements, this camouflage will have you blending into your surrounds and ultimately concealed from whatever your prey.

Realtree Xtra® uses your natural surrounding elements like tree trunks, limbs, and a variety of leaves and arranges these elements over large open areas. Layering these elements at different depths within the pattern creates a lifelike 3D effect. It is this unique process that makes hunter’s disappear in nearly any hunting situation they find themselves.

The above image is an estimated simulation to show how your prey views the world. Deer for example lack colour receptors and as a result their vision is made up of dull blues, yellows and shades of grey. Their vision is also blurred to 20/40 compared to a humans 20/20 vision. What Realtree does is identify these differences in the animal’s vision and uses it to the hunter’s advantage.

We are just a couple metres away from this hunter, and already there is a significant amount of camouflage occurring. Keep in mind a deer’s vision becomes more distorted the further away you are.






The Vertex jacket leads the Spika range as our most technical jacket to date. Featuring a soft and quiet exterior and waterproof interior which utilises Spika’s HYDROSHIELD waterproof membrane technology, keeping you dry in the most extreme conditions. The exterior has been treated with DWR to ensure that water runs off the surface of the jacket adding to its hydrophobic abilities.The jacket features a secure chest pocket, two hand warmer pockets and two secure front pockets to ensure whatever you need to carry is within reach.

  • 100% Waterproof (15,000mm), Windproof and breathable membrane
  • HYDROSHIELD membrane for extreme weather protection
  • DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
  • Soft and Quiet exterior fabric
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Zipped underarm breathing vents
  • Convenient carry strap
  • Elastic adjustable waistband
  • Realtree Xtra Camo
  • Custom Spika Design
  • Large Front Pocket
  • Spika Orange YKK Zip
  • Drop Tail Cut